About Our Affiliate Program

Food Revolution Network is an online-based education and advocacy-driven organization committed to healthy, ethical, sustainable food for all.

Registering for our free events, Masterclasses, and film screenings gives your participants access to valuable content about food and health — at no cost.

For those participants who want to go deeper with their learning, we also offer compelling programs and products for a fee. These opportunities not only fund our work, but they also generate revenue for our affiliates who help us spread the word.

Who can benefit from our content?

  • People who want trustworthy information about food and health
  • People who want to know the truth about the chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs in our food system
  • People who want to learn how food can help prevent and perhaps even reverse disease
  • People who want to be energized and live a long and healthy life
  • People who want an ethical and sustainable world

How much can you earn?

For our summits and all eligible online courses:

  • Affiliates earn 40% of net revenues.*
  • Super Affiliates earn 50% of net revenues*, plus 10% second tier commissions for people they refer who go on to become affiliates themselves.

*Net revenues are 100% of the revenues of our eligible digital products. If physical products are involved, a slice may be taken out of gross to reflect actual fulfillment costs.

Our Evergreen Offers

Healthy Brain: Eat, Move, Sleep, Think & Play 
for Lifelong Brain Health

With Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MD
Core Promo Period: EVERGREEN — Promote Anytime!

This is a brand new 6-week course that teaches how to adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle. Hosted by Ocean Robbins and taught by renowned neurologists Dean and Ayesha Sherzai (affectionately known as Team Sherzai), the course teaches the brilliant NEURO (Nutrition, Exercise, Unwind, Restorative sleep, and Optimize) system that is the centerpiece of the Sherzai’s work.

The funnel starts with an infographic poster as well as a free “Brain Breakthroughs” Masterclass that teaches four myths that are fueling the Alzheimer’s tsunami, and 10 brain health breakthroughs that could save millions of lives and trillions of dollars. Both of these entry-points lead members to a special offer to purchase the course for $247 and then, later in the journey, $297 and $497. Registrants who opt in will join the lists of both Food Revolution Network and Team Sherzai.

The Need To GROW Film

Core Promo Period: EVERGREEN — Promote Anytime!

The Need To GROW is a profoundly moving and award-winning documentary — the kind that gives you chills, opens your heart, and leaves you informed about some of the most critical issues of our times. The focus of this film is on soil, food, and the future of our species — told through the lens of three extraordinary and very likable characters, and their journeys as solutionaries. It’s hosted by a top-notch celebrity (Rosario Dawson). It brings a non-divisive message about the stake we all have in humanity’s ability to sustainably grow food for future generations and will appeal to people of all dietary orientations.

The Impact Kit

Viewers will be inspired and motivated. The next step will be The Impact Kit — a collection of 15 powerful 45-ish minute lessons, all shot in HD, featuring experts on topics like gardening, composting, healing foods and herbs, soil’s connection to the microbiome, removing pesticides from your community; and many more. The Impact Kit comes with lifetime digital film access, an optional free DVD, full-length expert interviews from the film, deleted scenes, and more than $500 worth of bonuses. It will sell for $197, but is offered on sale during the limited time screening for just $97 and for fast action takers from the screening page, $67. There are upsells available, too — with affiliate commissions payable for all of it.

Our intention is that this film can be an extraordinary resource for your followers, a contribution to building a healthy future for our children, AND a great moneymaker to support your mission as well. The average affiliate EPC for this product when we launched it in the fall of 2019 was $1.21, and overall response to the free film viewing has been VERY enthusiastic. Registrants who opt in for the free screening will join the lists of both Food Revolution Network and Earth Conscious Films.

Here is our landing page where you can view the film’s trailer.

“Soil health is a crisis that not enough people know about, even though it affects all other environmental issues. The stories are an inspiring example of resilience and solutions in a time when so much talk is focused on doom and gloom. This film needs to be seen.”
— Rosario Dawson, Executive Producer and Narrator

The 2020 Food Revolution Summit

Core Promo Period: EVERGREEN — Promote Anytime!

The Food Revolution Summit brought together hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to share the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, and credible information on food and health. In this summit, best-selling author John Robbins interviews 24 of the world’s leading and visionary experts. The “2-Day All-Access” 2020 Summit replay experience is now available, and we are relaunching it with you for one day only on October 8, 2020! After that, it will be evergreen again, but we’d love to invite you to join in this special day of shared outreach. When opting in for the Summit Replay Experience, participants who want to own the summit experience for life are invited to purchase the Empowerment Package for the summit special discount price. Whenever users “opt-in,” their 48 hours of free access starts.

You can view the landing page here.

Check out our FAQ Page and our Terms and Conditions for answers to common questions about payouts, referral tracking, promotion tips, affiliate contests, and more!

We look forward to working with you to provide education and empowerment that empowers individuals, builds community, and transforms food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.