Do you have evergreen offers?

Yes! You can find all of our current launches and our evergreen offers here:

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How do I earn commissions?

When you become an affiliate, you can invite your audience to one of our free resources or events using unique links assigned to you. If any of them go on to make a purchase using your link, you’ll earn revenue via tracked links (see more below and in our Terms and Conditions). By sharing an extremely valuable free resource with your network, you can combine making a positive difference with the potential for earning some income to support your work.

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What will my commission percentage be?

Affiliates receive a commission of 40% of net revenues on any sales they help generate. For Super Affiliates — partners who commit to solo emails to lists of at least 50,000 people — the commission is 50% of net revenues plus 10% “second-tier” — if they share our work with others who go on to become affiliate partners. For a full explanation of how we track affiliate commissions, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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How are my referrals tracked?

We use ONTRAPORT to handle our email and affiliate management system, as well as our sales logistics.

When you register as an affiliate or super affiliate, you’ll be given login access and assigned custom affiliate links to key pages on our sites. You can then use those custom links to promote our work.

When someone you refer lands on our pages after using one of the links you provided, their engagement will be tracked, cookies will drop, and you’ll be credited. For details on our long-term lead tracking policies, please see our Terms and Conditions.

You can log in at any time to gather links and suggested promotional (swipe) copy, as well as to check your stats on clicks, links, and sales.

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Who gets credit if more than one affiliate refers the same person?

We use a “last click wins” model, so affiliate commissions are payable to whoever referred the purchaser most recently.

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How much money will I make?

There is no way to guarantee earnings, of course. But in our past four summits and our most recent launches, affiliates and super affiliates have averaged earning more than $1 per “click” they have generated (that’s more than $2 per “lead”).

Some affiliates have earned more than $250,000 by promoting our past summits, while in our inaugural launch of The Need To GROW, affiliates earned more than $2.40 per lead, and our largely internal inaugural launch of the revised version of Plant-Powered & Thriving earned affiliates more than $6 per lead. There are no guarantees, of course, as the past doesn’t necessarily equal the future. All in all, we’re proud to have paid out over $3 million to our affiliate partners over the last three years.

Our affiliates and super affiliates have frequently earned more per “click” than they’ve earned promoting anyone else’s programs. We do extensive split testing to optimize opt-in and conversion rates and to offer the most effective possible user experience at every level.

The work that we do changes lives and many of our participants are eager to engage more deeply. Most of our sales come from people who have already been touched by our free offerings. As participants experience the value and substance of what they are learning, they often realize they want more.

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When will I be paid?

We generally pay out affiliate commissions at the end of each month. The schedule may vary, and we may hold a slice back for a 60-day refund window, depending on the product and the launch cycle.

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Do you plan affiliate contests and leaderboards?

We have a Leaderboard for our Super Affiliates, and in the past, we’ve given away up to $60,000 in prizes during a single launch for our top affiliates.

Please note that this is for super affiliates only, and in order to be eligible for leaderboard prizes, Super Affiliates must have at least 33% of the sales revenues per opt-in that are generated by the average super affiliate. This rule is instituted to ensure that prices are only paid out for reasonably quality traffic.

If you aren’t already a super affiliate, but you can send solo messages to a minimum of 50,000 people (even if it takes sending up to three promotions to get there), please contact us at

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Who are some of your current and past affiliates?

Some of our past and planned promo partners include Jonathan Otto, Darin Olien, iThrive Publishing, Dr. Mark Hyman, Hay House, Kris Carr, Chris Wark, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Robyn Openshaw, Institute for Responsible Technology, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Sacred Plant, Forks Over Knives, Robyn Openshaw, The Sacred Science, The Tapping Solution, Sonia Ricotti, Bright Line Eating, Evolving Wisdom, No Meat Athlete, Food Matters,, Ross Bridgeford, Vegetarian Health Institute, The Chopra Center, Cancer Defeated, Center for Food Safety, JJ Virgin, Green America, Friends Of the Earth, Ryan Eliason, Environmental Working Group, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Environmental Action, Plant Based New, Commune, and more than 1,000 other amazing affiliates.

You will be in good company!

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Does being an affiliate mean that I’m registered to participate in a given event?

You are automatically registered and able to promote any event, but you are not automatically registered as an attendee. If you are an affiliate and want to participate in one of our events, you need to register on the event landing page.

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Can I change the copy you provide or write my own?

The suggested copy and images we offer are general ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in your own authentic voice. Your Promotions of FRN Properties must be consistent with our branding, and shall not be false or misleading. All Promotions should be conducted in a manner that represents the interests of FRN and should, whenever possible, be created using or consistent with the Collateral within the Affiliate Center as a foundation. You shall not create, publish, distribute, or print any written material that references FRN Products that is substantially different in tone or content from the Collateral published within the Affiliate Center without first submitting that material to us and receiving our prior written consent. Affiliates who wish to promote products in a manner not closely related to methods provided for within the Affiliate Center must request written pre-approval from FRN before any Affiliated-created messaging is used in any fashion, so as to ensure FRN’s interests are being met and FRN’s brand is being represented accurately.

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When can I promote?

You can promote our evergreen offers anytime!

For our online courses and other launches, we generally will notify affiliates when we are ready for you to promote. The reason we do this is that we will occasionally test a program with our own list so we can work out any kinks before inviting our affiliates to spread the word, and because we want to make sure all links are live and ready for your audience before you share.

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What link should I use in my promotions?

When promoting our work, you are likely to find the strongest conversions if you send people directly to the main landing page.

In addition to promoting directly to the landing page, we typically provide the option of promoting alternate entry point pathways. By sending your readers to one of these other entry points, they can opt in to immediately receive a free downloadable pdf (or another gift) and will then automatically be signed up for the launch. Historically, however, the data has shown that while these entry points yield very good opt-in rates, they typically result in fewer sales conversions than promoting to the main landing page.

What we have found works best is doing a mix — sending some emails directly to the landing page and sending at least one email to an alternate entry point that’s attractive to your audience.

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Are you a nonprofit organization?

We define ourselves as a “social profit” company. Both John and Ocean Robbins have founded 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organizations, and Ocean even directed one for 20 years. Over time, they grew frustrated with the disconnect between revenues and programs that was in many ways built into the nonprofit model as it is widely practiced.

We launched Food Revolution Network with the intent to use revenue-generating business models to further educational and social change goals. Many of our biggest affiliates are themselves nonprofit organizations, and we feel heartened that our programs can bring them support for their vital work.

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How do I contact you?

We are very grateful for the thousands of amazing affiliate partners who help us change the world.

The challenge is that we receive thousands of emails. While we do read them all, unfortunately, our team is unable to respond to each one personally.

But don’t worry! We are still dedicated to ensuring that all of our affiliates have a great experience working with us. Therefore, we’ve set up our Affiliate Center to be fully self-service! All of the information you will need to promote our events will be provided there. And if you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to sign up as an affiliate so you will receive our email event announcements.

We appreciate your support!

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