How much money will I make?

When you sign up as an affiliate, you can invite people to sign up for our network or our programs for no charge. And if any of them go on to purchase an empowerment package or one of our online courses, you’ll earn some revenue. By sharing an extremely valuable free resource with your network, you can combine making a positive difference with the potential for making some extra passive income.

There is no way to guarantee earnings, of course. But in our past four summits affiliates and super affiliates have averaged earning more than $1 per “click” they have generated, and more than $2 per “opt-in”.

Some affiliates have earned more than $250,000 for their organizations, promoting our past summits. Online courses have also generated significant revenues.

Affiliates receive a commission of 40% of net revenues on any sales they help generate. For Super Affiliates, who commit to solo emails to lists of at least 50,000 people, the commission is 50% of net revenues plus 10% “second tier.” For a full explanation of how we track affiliate commissions, please see our terms and conditions.

We’ve promoted quite a few tele-summits and online courses put on by other folks, and our affiliates and super affiliates have frequently earned more per “click” than we’ve typically earned promoting anyone else’s programs. We do extensive split testing to optimize opt-in and conversion rates and to offer the most effective possible user experience at every level.

While many tele-summits experience low engagement rates from participants, we’ve often had more than 50,000 participants tuning in on any given day, and our online courses also generate extremely high participation levels.

The work that we do changes lives, and many of our participants are eager to engage more deeply. Most of our sales come from people who have already been touched by our free offerings. As participants experience the value and substance of what they are learning, they often realize they want more.

Do you plan affiliate contests and leaderboards?

Yes! We’ll have a Leaderboard for our Super Affiliates, and we’ll give away at least $50,000 in prizes for our top affiliates. This will be for Super Affiliates only.

If you aren’t already a super affiliate, but you can send solo messages to a minimum of 50,000 people (even if it takes you multiple promotions to get there), please let us know and we’ll upgrade you.

Some of our past and planned promo partners include: The Truth About Cancer, Dr. Mark Hyman, Kris Carr, Chris Wark, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Institute for Responsible Technology, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Maroon 5, Paul McCartney,, GreenMedInfo, Center for Food Safety, JJ Virgin, Green America, Friends Of the Earth, The Aware Show, Ryan Eliason, The Shift Network, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Tera Warner, Evolving Wisdom, Renegade Health, Nick Polizzi, Dawson Church, Environmental Working Group, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Humanity’s Team, Environmental Action, and more than 1,000 affiliates.

You will be in good company.

Leaderboard Opt-In Contest Prizes For the Top 20: A MasterMind

Our top 20 super affiliates will get an exclusive invitation to a 1-day MasterMind with John Robbins and Ocean Robbins in the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer. This is a chance for some awesome networking, and to sharpen marketing chops and do some powerful strategizing with peers who are also engaged in the health, food, and social change fields. Date and location will be determined based on what will work for the maximal number of prize winners.

Plus more than $50,000 in cash prizes! (Get all the details here)

Does being an affiliate mean that I’m registered?

No, if you want to sign up for one of our events, you need to do that. We don’t assume that our affiliates want the participant experience and all the emails that come with it.

How are my referrals tracked?

We use Ontraport to handle our email and affiliate management system, as well as our sales logistics.

When you register as an affiliate or super affiliate, you’ll be given login access and assigned custom links to key pages on our site that you can use to promote our work.

When someone you refer lands on our pages after using one of the links you provide them, their engagement will be tracked, cookies will drop, and you’ll be credited. For details on our longterm lead tracking policies, please see our terms and conditions.

You can login any time to gather links and suggested promotional copy, as well as to check your stats on clicks, links and sales.

Can I change the copy you provide, or write my own?

The suggested copy and images we offer are just our ideas to help you get started. It always works best to write in your own authentic voice. Please use our images and copy as much as you like, but you really should tell folks about the summit in the way that feels true to who you are.

What’s the best way I can promote?

You can promote our work any time. The core window for Food Revolution Summit promotions is the 2-3 weeks before the summit starts, but you can continue to promote after the summit has started, and you can also promote after it finishes, because we will continue to provide access to pieces of the content, and to the empowerment packages, on an ongoing basis.

For online courses and introductory programs, we notify affiliates when we are ready for them to promote (sometimes we test a program with our own list so we can work out all the kinks before inviting other folks to spread the word).

Can I send people straight to the broadcasts page or the sales page?

During our launches we offer a broadcasts page where participants can go to listen to the presentations and engage with each other.

We recommend that you do not send people straight to that page, because you will find far better conversions if you send people to the registration / landing page, where they can opt in, get on our email list, and get better informed about how it all works.

You can definitely send people straight to one of our sales pages to consider purchase of an empowerment package or online course, and that may be a good way to boost your revenues, but we suggest that your members may like you better if you send them to a free opt-in page than to a sales page.

So while we will give you an affiliate coded link to the sales pages when we have them, we generally don’t recommend sending people straight there unless you know your audience and think they will respond well to it.

When will I be paid?

After closing the cart or ending the sale price period for a summit or launch, we wait 30 days for any possible returns, as well as for last minute late buyers, before we an pay our affiliates (and sometimes longer for programs where payment plans are accepted).

Are you a non-profit organization?

We define ourselves as a “social profit” company. Both John and Ocean Robbins have founded 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations, and Ocean directed one for 20 years. Over time, we grew frustrated with the disconnect between revenues and programs that was in many ways built into the nonprofit model as it is widely practiced.

We launched the Food Revolution Network with intent to use revenue generating business models to further educational and social change goals. Many of our biggest affiliates are themselves non-profit organizations, and we feel heartened that our programs are able to bring them support for their vital work.

Who gets credit if more than one affiliate refers the same person?

We use a “last click wins” model, so affiliate commissions are payable to whoever referred the purchaser most recently.