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Welcome to the affiliate dashboard for the Tackling Type 2 Masterclass and course with Brenda Davis and Ocean Robbins. This program is incredibly powerful, and your audience will love it. Thanks in advance for joining us to spread the word!

About the Masterclass:

The Tackling Type 2 Masterclass uncovers the four biggest myths surrounding diabetes and reveals ten scientific breakthroughs revolutionizing our understanding of the disease. Registered dietitian and acclaimed diabetes expert Brenda Davis teaches her natural approach to treatment and prevention, emphasizing the power of using food as medicine to tackle type 2.

Brenda is a million-copy best-selling author and researcher who conducted a groundbreaking study on the Marshall Islands, a nation grappling with one of the highest diabetes rates in the world. Her research cracked the code on the true causes of the disease and led to a paradigm shift in diabetes care.

With decades of experience at the forefront of the diabetes prevention movement, Brenda’s holistic methodologies have transformed the lives of countless people. Her expertise in fostering sustainable healthy habits and achieving meaningful outcomes is now brilliantly distilled in this free Masterclass and the paid course it introduces.

Promotion Window:

This offer is evergreen! You can promote the Tackling Type 2 Masterclass anytime.

We also occasionally run launches during designated promotion windows for our partners to share in tandem with FRN. This creates a special buzz and offers an opportunity to win leaderboard prizes! Click here to see the dates of our upcoming launches.

Core Audience:

Anyone who wants to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes! This program is especially intended for anyone at risk of developing diabetes or currently struggling with a diagnosis. Nearly 100 million American adults — over a third of the population — are living with prediabetes, and more than 80% are unaware of their condition. Even for individuals who haven’t considered diabetes a concern, this program offers vital insights into proactive measures for safeguarding against its onset.

About the Funnel:

This is an evergreen funnel that is optimized for each participant.

There is one entry point for this offer — the Tackling Type 2 Masterclass with Brenda Davis and Ocean Robbins.

After selecting a Masterclass viewing time from a menu of options, a follow-up sequence is initiated that helps participants attend, return if they leave early, and catch it on replay if they missed the time they selected.

The Masterclass contains an hour of life-changing free education, followed by an invitation to take the next step and purchase the Tackling Type 2 course for a special discount of $247 and then, later in the journey, $297 and $497.

The entire funnel is responsive to user behavior, including segmentation, distinct fast-action offers, and “cart close” timing.

Historic Stats:

On average, affiliates have earned more than $1.87 per unique click and $3.96 per lead when promoting this program.

Commission Structure:

Unless otherwise agreed, affiliates receive 50% commission on eligible sales and upsells. Affiliates can also receive 10% lifetime commissions for second-tier referrals (i.e., they receive 10% of sales revenue generated by affiliates they refer).

We offer 70-day last-referrer tracking, and occasionally launches are stacked.

Barring any special circumstances, we pay out the prior month’s affiliate commissions in the first week of the following month.

Bottom line: Promoting this totally free (and life-changing) program could be a great revenue source for you and YOUR mission!

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Follow-Up Emails to Unopens

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Three Tips for Better Email Results
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Talking Points

Here are some fast facts you can share about the Masterclass. Remember that your audience will respond better if you put this into the context of your work or personal message.

  • Type 2 diabetes rates are skyrocketing. Prevalence has doubled since the 1980s, and it’s now one of the leading causes of death in the United States.
  • Prediabetes is also reaching crisis proportions, impacting more than 100 million people in the US alone. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you might have prediabetes and be on a very dangerous path — without even knowing it. (It has few symptoms, and most doctors don’t test for it.)
  • The good news is that prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are preventable — and in many cases, remission is possible, too!
  • Award-winning dietitian Brenda Davis, RD, and Ocean Robbins from Food Revolution Network expose the 4 top myths about type 2 diabetes and 10 eye-opening breakthroughs that could save hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of lives — possibly even your own or the lives of people you love.
  • If you’re experiencing fatigue, weight gain, sleep issues, stress, or cravings for sweet or salty foods, pastries, or pasta, this Masterclass will teach you how to turn it all around.
  • The advice to just “avoid sugars and carbs” turns out to be dangerously outdated. It’s a band-aid approach that doesn’t get to the real root of what’s causing type 2 diabetes.
  • Challenging the belief that type 2 diabetes is a one-way street, the Tackling Type 2 Masterclass shares insights on natural foods and lifestyle changes that have been proven to make a real difference.
  • Learn about simple yet effective dietary swaps that can help in achieving an optimal body weight, which is a crucial factor in managing diabetes risk.
  • If you or anyone you love is concerned about diabetes, or especially if there’s been type 2 diabetes in your family, gaining knowledge on how to protect yourself and your loved ones is invaluable. This Masterclass offers that knowledge.
  • This Masterclass illuminates the latest advancements in diabetes management, featuring cutting-edge scientific discoveries that have not yet entered mainstream medical updates or news cycles.

Images and Social Media Swipe Copy

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