Thank you for promoting our work!

To maximize the effectiveness of your social media promotions, we have compiled this step-by-step guide detailing how to post our content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter/X, and Instagram.

In this guide, you will see images from a few different programs Food Revolution Network offers. These same steps can be applied to any promotion you are sharing with your audience.

You can access social media swipe copy and images for each of our programs directly from the Affiliate Center dashboards. The suggested copy and images we offer are simply ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in your own authentic voice. Please use our promotional materials as much as you would like, and feel confident that you know your audience best!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to add your affiliate link to all posts so you don’t miss out on commissions. Please use the link exactly as provided. Do NOT click on the link and use the URL that appears in your browser. The resolving URL will not work for referral tracking. For social media promotions, you may use a link shortener like

PRO TIP: We encourage you to include images with your social media promotions. Images have a higher chance of being shared and are proven to increase engagement on social platforms.

Continue reading for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X instructions.