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Welcome to the affiliate dashboard for the Food For Health Masterclass with John and Ocean Robbins. This Masterclass introduces Food Revolution Network’s signature course (and most successful evergreen funnel), and your audience will love it. Thanks in advance for joining us to spread the word!

About the Masterclass:

In the Food For Health Masterclass, John Robbins — one of the world’s most beloved experts on plant-powered living — reveals the four most dangerous food myths harming billions of people and ten life-changing breakthroughs that can make all the difference.

As heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire, John Robbins walked away from a path practically paved with gold (and ice cream!) to forge a new path devoted to healthy people and a healthy planet. For over 35 years, John’s influential writings, particularly the monumental bestseller “Diet for a New America,” have captivated millions worldwide and transcended linguistic boundaries with translations in more than 31 languages. Through hundreds of television and radio appearances, compelling public engagements with vast audiences, the founding of EarthSave International, and many awards recognizing his work, John has been a powerful advocate for the plant-based lifestyle and a pioneering voice in the food revolution.

This free Masterclass offers an accessible avenue to learn directly from John and his son, Ocean Robbins, Masterclass host and Food Revolution Network CEO. Participants will discover how to unlock their ultimate health potential by transforming the way they think, eat, and live. In the subsequent paid offer, FRN’s signature Plant-Powered & Thriving course guides participants through the step-by-step process of implementing the latest research to optimize their diet and lifestyle for vitality and longevity.

Promotion Window:

This offer is evergreen! You can promote the Food For Health Masterclass anytime.

We also occasionally run launches during designated promotion windows for our partners to share in tandem with FRN. This creates a special buzz and offers an opportunity to win leaderboard prizes! Click here to see the dates of our upcoming launches.

Core Audience:

Anyone who wants to thrive! This program is especially intended for people interested in learning how to implement a whole foods, plant-powered diet and optimize their health.

About the Funnel:

This is an evergreen funnel that is optimized for each participant.

There is one entry point for this course — the Food For Health Masterclass with John and Ocean Robbins.

After selecting a Masterclass viewing time from a menu of options, a follow-up sequence is initiated that helps them attend, return if they leave early, and catch it on replay if they missed the time they selected.

The Masterclass contains an hour of life-changing free education, followed by an invitation to take the next step and purchase the Plant-Powered & Thriving course for $247 and then, later in the journey, $297 and $497.

The entire funnel is responsive to user behavior, including segmentation, distinct fast-action offers, and “cart close” timing.

Historic Stats:

This is Food Revolution Network’s most successful evergreen offer. On average, affiliates have earned more than $1.46 per unique click and $4.02 per lead when promoting this program. The average conversion rate is more than 5.5% at the $247–$297 price point. This funnel is powerful and proven!

Commission Structure:

Unless otherwise agreed, affiliates receive 50% commission on eligible sales and upsells. Affiliates can also receive 10% lifetime commissions for second-tier referrals (i.e., they receive 10% of sales revenue generated by affiliates they refer).

We offer 70-day last-referrer tracking, and occasionally launches are stacked.

Barring any special circumstances, we pay out the prior month’s affiliate commissions in the first week of the following month.

Bottom line: Promoting this totally free (and life-changing) program could be a great revenue source for you and YOUR mission!

Email Swipe Copy

How To Use the Copy We Provide

The suggested copy and images we offer are simply ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in their own authentic voice. Please use our images and copy as much as you would like, but feel confident that you know your audience best.

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Based on our research, the use of [First Name] in the subject, when used judiciously, leads to about a 5–10% bump in open and click rate. That’s something you may want to use only a time or two, as represented in the copy we’re providing. We offer several suggested subject lines — hopefully you’ll see something you like or come up with your own!

Follow-Up Emails to Unopens

If you send early in the promo window, we recommend sending a follow-up email — 1–2 days after your first email — to the people who haven’t opened. To maximize the chances of engagement, it’s best to use a new subject line and opening paragraph. In our experience, this strategy has been shown to increase initial results by approximately 40%. It’s worth noting that recent changes in email tracking may inaccurately mark some recipients as having opened a message, even if they haven’t. Despite this imperfection, sending to unopens can still be an effective way to improve your overall email performance.

Three Tips for Better Email Results
  1. Our swipe copy is a fantastic starting point, but we encourage you to add your own unique style and voice to make it even more effective. It’s important to remember that if multiple affiliates are using the same exact messaging, it may not create the desired impact. That’s why we strongly recommend adding a personal touch and tailoring the content to resonate with your audience. Let your creativity shine and make it your own!
  2. According to data on email delivery, messages that contain fewer than four hyperlinks tend to have a higher likelihood of reaching inboxes and Gmail primary folders. The swipe copy we provide usually includes three hyperlink slots for this reason.
  3. Based on our testing, we have found that using a capital letter for the first word of the subject line and lowercase letters for the rest yielded slightly better results than using “Title Case.” We also recommend avoiding the use of spam filter-triggering words like “FREE” in the subject line and hyperlinks to optimize deliverability.

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Talking Points

Here are some fast facts you can share about this program. Remember that your audience will respond better if you put this into the context of your work or personal message.

  • Choosing to go plant-powered is one of the best actions you can take for your health and for the health of the planet.
  • You can heal yourself, avoid disease, and thrive by putting scientifically proven food and health knowledge into action in your life.
  • This Masterclass is taught by renowned food movement leaders and best-selling authors, father-son duo John and Ocean Robbins. It’s for you if you want to make healthy eating sustainable for the long term, have difficulty finding the time to prepare and eat healthy food, or struggle with cravings for things that aren’t good for you.
  • Plant-Powered Benefits: Adopting a plant-powered lifestyle is a pivotal step for enhancing personal well-being and promoting planetary health, backed by scientifically proven insights offered in this Masterclass.
  • Overcome Nutritional Confusion: Amidst overwhelming and often contradictory information, this Masterclass, led by John and Ocean Robbins, provides clear, research-backed guidance on healthy eating and sustainable living.
  • Ethical and Sustainable Living: Explore the broader impact of your food choices, from ethical animal treatment to environmental conservation, and learn how to make choices that align with your values.
  • Action-Oriented Learning: This Masterclass goes beyond merely providing information; it delivers actionable steps and personalized strategies to seamlessly integrate healthy, plant-powered living into daily routines.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: The Masterclass is completely free. And if you want to go further, you’ll get limited-time access to a 50% discount on John and Ocean’s signature course, Plant-Powered & Thriving.
  • Personal Endorsement: I can personally vouch for the transformative power of this Masterclass, which offers a chance not just to learn but to elevate your overall quality of life.

Images and Social Media Swipe Copy

We’re providing numerous ideas and options for promoting this program. You can use the images on their own, or if you use the images on social media, we have provided suggested copy optimized specifically for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Please feel free to use the copy and images in whatever way works best for you — as is or modified.

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Video Trailer

We’re providing this downloadable trailer in case you’d like to share video content with your audience.

Need Help?

We’ve created this Affiliate Center to be entirely self-service. Because we have a large number of amazing affiliate partners, we’ve worked to make sure this dashboard includes everything you need to promote the Food For Health Masterclass. For more information, please visit our FAQ page and Terms and Conditions.

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