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We have completely revised and updated our signature course, Plant-Powered & Thriving, which has reached thousands of participants over the years. We converted it from audio to video, while incorporating the latest insights on course delivery and user engagement to create a truly life-changing experience for participants.

We also created a brand new funnel for the program, including an infographic poster “10 Foods to Eat and Avoid for Health and Longevity” and a potent video masterclass with John Robbins on why healthy plant-powered eating is so important for health and longevity. The course is the next step from the masterclass, as it focuses on the “how” side of healthy eating — guiding participants through implementation.

During our fall 2019 launch, with mostly internal traffic, we had a more than 5.5% conversion rate at a price point of $247–$297 and over $13 in gross revenue per opt-in for the masterclass entry point.

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Email Swipe Copy

When Should You Promote?

How to Use the Copy We Provide

The suggested copy and images we offer are simply ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in your own authentic voice. Please use our images and copy as much as you would like, but feel confident that you know your audience best!
Every time you see “[First Name]” we are suggesting you include the recipient’s first name. If you don’t have their name, we suggest substituting the word “Friend” or editing it out.

Also note that, based on our research, use of [First Name] in the subject, when used judiciously, leads to about a 5-10% bump in open and click rate. That’s something you may want to use only a time or two, as represented in the copy we’re providing. We offer several suggested subject lines – hopefully you’ll see something you like or come up with your own!

Follow-up Emails to Unopens

If you send early in the promo window, we recommend sending a follow-up email — 1-2 days after your initial email — to the people who haven’t opened. It’s best to use a new subject and a new opening paragraph. For us, we have seen this increase our total results by around 50%. We recommend sending earlier in the promo window to ensure you have time to send a follow-up to unopens.

Tips For Better Email Results

According to data on email delivery, messages with no more than three hyperlinks are more likely to reach inboxes and Gmail primary folders. That’s why the swipe copy we provide generally includes three slots for hyperlinks.

Also, our testing found that subjects with a capital first letter and lowercase for all the other words get slightly better results than “Title Case,” so that’s what you’ll see reflected. We also find it best not to include spam-filter triggering words like “FREE” in the subject or tied to hyperlinks.

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Social Media Swipe Copy

Promoting on Social Media

We’re providing numerous ideas and options for promoting on social media, with copy that’s optimized for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please feel free to use the copy in whatever way works best for you — as is, or modified.

Don’t forget about the Plant-Powered & Thriving images that can be used on social media! They can be found near the bottom of this page.

Need help posting to social media? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Infographic Landing Page

Masterclass Landing Page

Social Images

Using Images for Social Media Posts

We’ve created these images to help make your social media posts engaging and attractive. All images are sized to 1200×1200. You can mix and match the images with the social media copy we provide on this page.

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Promote the Infographic

Promote the Masterclass

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General Promotion

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