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Welcome! We’re grateful you’re here to learn more about our BRAND NEW coaching certification program.

The FRN Plant-Based Coaching Certification (PBCC) is a six-month online training program that will combine in-depth plant-based nutrition, high-impact coaching skills, and strategic marketing. Our goal is to spread the food revolution by training and mobilizing a new generation of movement leaders. Thanks in advance for joining us to spread the word!

Watch this sales video to learn more, or click here to visit the sales page.

About the program:

FRN’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification is a 100-150+ hour program that offers 100% online access to participants. Our three-pillar training consists of 75 video/audio lessons, live Q&A calls, and written materials so participants can absorb the content however works best for them.

Pillars 1 (Nutrition) and 2 (Coaching) contain comprehension quizzes, as well as a midterm and final exam. The quizzes and exams are only required for folks seeking certification. Pillar 3 (Marketing) provides top-notch information on how to take the learnings and share them with as many people as possible. Pillar 3 is not required for certification.

FRN is partnering with key experts and professionals to develop program content, and participants who complete the program will gain a highly applicable education in:

  • Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutrition. FRN’s unique, accessible approach to evidence-based whole foods, plant-based nutrition.
  • Coaching & Mentorship. Real-world, fluff-free, and truly practical insights for successfully providing coaching and mentorship to help people create and sustain positive changes.
  • Outreach & Business Building. Highly applicable wisdom from some of the world’s top online (and offline) business leaders for outreach and success in the space.

Promotion window:

We would love for you to share this offer with your audience now through January 10, 2023 (the sooner, the better!). Please note that we are capping enrollment at 300, and if the program fills, we may need to take this page down. If it’s still up, then there’s still room, and you can spread the word!

Core audience:

This program is for people who want to promote a whole foods, plant-based approach to health and wellness and who want to do work that makes a difference. Some will want to bring evidence-based nutrition and behavior change into their existing healthcare or coaching practice. Others will want to work with clients from anywhere in the world, help more people achieve their health goals, have better work-life balance, start a podcast, become a world-class speaker, write a book to reach thousands of people at once, or build a thriving career helping people get healthy.

Commission structure:

This program is separate from our standard affiliate program and is open to both friends and partners sharing. The commission rate for this program is 20% (which comes to $999.40 for full-price payments and $1,196.40 for payment plans). It’s also worth noting that we are not offering second-tier referrals for this program.

There is no funnel strategy in place. You send people straight to the sales page, where they can put down a $100 deposit, apply for the program, and if they are accepted, pay.

Barring any special circumstances, we pay out the prior month’s commissions in the first week of the following month.

Bottom line: A better world is possible, thanks to you.

Email Swipe Copy

How to Use the Copy We Provide

The suggested copy and images we offer are simply ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in their own authentic voice. Please use our images and copy as much as you would like, but feel confident that you know your audience best!

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Also note that, based on our research, the use of [First Name] in the subject, when used judiciously, leads to about a 5–10% bump in open and click rate. That’s something you may want to use only a time or two, as represented in the copy we’re providing. We offer several suggested subject lines — hopefully you’ll see something you like or come up with your own!

Follow-up Emails to Unopens

We recommend sending a follow-up email — 1–2 days after your initial email — to the people who haven’t opened. It’s best to use a new subject and a new opening paragraph. Recent changes in email tracking mean that some people are now being “tracked” by email service providers as having opened messages when they actually did not. But sending to unopens, while imperfect, still helps. Recently, we’ve seen adding a follow-up to unopens increase the results of just sending an initial message by around 30%.

Three Tips For Better Email Results
  1. As much as we think our swipe copy is great, we think you’ll get the best results if you bring your own voice and style. Plus, if a lot of affiliates are promoting, it doesn’t make anybody look great if they’re all sending the same message. So personalization is encouraged!
  2. According to data on email delivery, messages with no more than three hyperlinks are more likely to reach inboxes and Gmail primary folders. That’s why the swipe copy we provide generally includes three slots for hyperlinks.
  3. Our testing found that subjects with a capital first letter and lowercase for all the other words get slightly better results than “Title Case,” so that’s what you’ll see reflected. We also believe it best not to include spam-filter triggering words like “FREE” in the subject or tied to hyperlinks.

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Talking Points

Here are some fast facts you can share about this program. Remember that your audience will respond better if you put this into the context of your work or personal message.

  • Plant-based eating has officially hit the mainstream — and with good reason! More people than ever are interested in a plant-based diet for all its health benefits, ethical reasons, and environmental advantages.
  • Right now, there’s an explosion of interest in foods that are real, natural, whole, organic, local, and of course, plant-based. We’re living in a time of huge change in what and how folks eat.
  • If you want to help people get healthy and stay healthy with plant-based foods, and make a good living while changing the world, then this is for you.
  • There’s an unprecedented marketplace opportunity for coaches, health professionals, guides and mentors, resources, allies, and advocates to help people implement and thrive on a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.
  • Those who understand the importance of this food revolution have an incredible opportunity to steer more people in the right direction.
  • Now is your chance to join Food Revolution Network’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification program that combines in-depth plant-based nutrition, high-impact coaching skills, and strategic marketing.
  • Food Revolution Network is teaming up with world-class faculty members, including some of the top experts in the evidence-based, whole foods, plant-based movement.
  • They’ll walk you through how to help people create lasting behavior change with some of the top experts and mentors in the field.
  • This program will not only pull together health experts in nutrition and top experts in behavior change… you’ll also be introduced to top experts in health-centered entrepreneurship, all in one program.
  • When you walk out of the program in six months, you’ll have the knowledge, wisdom, skills, and resources that you can apply for powerful results — and you’ll be ready to change the world.
  • If you’re accepted into the program, it will be a turning point in your life and career — and a game-changer for your future clients or patients and the world.

Images and Social Media Swipe Copy

We’re providing numerous ideas and options for promoting this program. You can use the images on their own, or if you use the images on social media, we have provided suggested copy optimized specifically for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Please feel free to use the copy and images in whatever way works best for you — as is or modified.

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Need Help?

We’ve created this Affiliate Center to be entirely self-service. Because we have a large number of amazing affiliate partners, we’ve worked to make sure this dashboard includes everything you need to promote the Plant-Based Coaching Certification. For more information, please visit our FAQ page and Terms and Conditions.