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Welcome to the affiliate dashboard for the 2021 Food Revolution Summit. We are so glad you’re joining us on our mission to empower individuals, build community, and transform food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.

Please watch this NEW Affiliate Partner Welcome Video from Ocean Robbins to learn about the 2021 Summit and how to prepare your promotions for success!

The Food Revolution Summit brings together more than 300,000 people worldwide to share the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, and credible information on food and health. Best-selling author John Robbins interviews 24 of the world’s leading and visionary experts over the course of nine days. Ocean Robbins — Food Revolution Network CEO — hosts the interviews and engages with Summit participants in interactive broadcasts throughout the online event.

Summit participation is free. Participants can purchase unlimited access for $67 at time of opt-in; $97 before, during, and for one day after the Summit; and $197 thereafter. You can view this year’s schedule here.

Key Dates

Promotion Window: Monday, April 12, 2021 – Saturday, April 24, 2021

2021 Food Revolution Summit promo calendar

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Email Swipe Copy

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“Immunity Guidebook” entry point

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“Cancer Guidebook” entry point

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How to Use the Copy We Provide

The suggested copy and images we offer are simply ideas to help you get started. Most partners have learned that it works best to write in your own authentic voice. Please use our images and copy as much as you would like, but feel confident that you know your audience best!

Every time you see “[First Name]” we are suggesting you include the recipient’s first name. If you don’t have their name, we suggest substituting the word “Friend” or editing it out.

Also note that, based on our research, use of [First Name] in the subject, when used judiciously, leads to about a 5-10% bump in open and click rate. That’s something you may want to use only a time or two, as represented in the copy we’re providing. We offer several suggested subject lines – hopefully you’ll see something you like or come up with your own!

Follow-up Emails to Unopens
If you send early in the promo window, we recommend sending a follow-up email — 1–2 days after your initial email — to the people who haven’t opened. It’s best to use a new subject and a new opening paragraph. For us, we have seen this increase our total results by around 50%. Keep in mind that this is a shorter promotion window, so be sure to leave time to follow up with your audience.

Tips For Better Email Results

According to data on email delivery, messages with no more than three hyperlinks are more likely to reach inboxes and Gmail primary folders. That’s why the swipe copy we provide generally includes three slots for hyperlinks.

Also, our recent testing found that subjects with a capital first letter and lowercase for all the other words get slightly better results than “Title Case,” so that’s what you’ll see reflected. We also find it best not to include spam-filter triggering words like “FREE” in the subject or tied to hyperlinks.

Social Media Swipe Copy and Images

Promoting on Social Media

We’re providing numerous ideas and options for promoting on social media, with copy and images that are optimized specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please feel free to use the copy and images in whatever way works best for you — as is or modified.

Need help posting to social media? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Main Landing Page




“Immunity Guidebook” entry point

“Brain Guidebook” entry point

“Cancer Guidebook” entry point

“Heart Guidebook” entry point

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