Key Dates

Main promotional period: Monday, April 15 – Saturday, April 27
Food Revolution Summit: Saturday, April 27 – Sunday, May 5
Encore weekend: Friday, May 10 – Sunday, May 12

When Should You Promote?

How to Use the Copy We Provide

We’re providing this suggested swipe copy to give you lots of ideas and options. We recommend that you use these templates as guides and modify as you see fit. You’ll get the best results with messages in your voice that fit your style.

Subject Lines

Our recent testing found that subjects with a capital first letter and lowercase for all the other words get slightly better results than “Title Case,” so that’s what you’ll see reflected below. We’ve also found that including “FREE” in the subject can trigger spam-filters, so we recommend leaving it out.

Personalize with [First Name]

When you see “[First Name]” in the opening of the message, we are suggesting you include the recipient’s first name. If you don’t have their name, you can substitute the word “Friend” or edit it out. Using “[First Name]” in the subject line is also a way to bump up open and click rates!

Naming Speakers

Any time you list speakers for the Summit, make sure to highlight speakers that you think your audience will respond to well. Visit to see the full speaker lineup.

Hyperlinks Used Wisely

According to data on email delivery, messages with no more than 3 hyperlinks are more likely to reach inboxes and Gmail primary folders. That’s why the swipe copy we provide generally includes 3 slots for hyperlinks. Also, using the word “FREE” in hyperlinks can trigger spam filters, so it’s best to avoid it.

Follow-up Emails to Unopens

We recommend sending a follow-up email — 1 to 2 days after the initial email — to the people who haven’t opened the message. It’s best to use a new subject and a new opening paragraph. We may begin the second message with something like, “I wrote about this yesterday, and I want to be sure you don’t miss out.” Especially with an event like the Summit, this approach makes perfect sense. We see about a 50% increase in total results by sending a follow-up to unopens. It can make a big impact with very little time invested!

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