About Our Affiliate Program

The Food Revolution Network is an online-based education and advocacy-driven initiative committed to healthy, sustainable, humane, and conscious food for all.

Signing up for the Food Revolution Network list or for our free events costs nothing. Participants are also offered compelling opportunities to choose to go deeper. These opportunities generate revenue for our affiliates who help us spread the word.

In this affiliate center, you can:

  • Sign up to become an affiliate or super affiliate
  • Get your affiliate questions answered
  • Gather copy and images you can use to help you spread the word about our work

Our model:

We give participants in our programs free access to valuable content to support their food revolutionary journey and to invite people who want more or who want to go deeper to purchase paid programs for a fee.

This gives awesome content for your members at no cost, and it also enables us to fund our work and to offer our affiliates the chance to earn some good revenues.

How much you can earn:

For our summits and all eligible online courses:

  • Affiliates earn 40% of net revenues
  • Super Affiliates earn 50% of net revenues, plus 10% second tier commissions for people they refer who go on to become affiliates themselves.

In the past, Summit Empowerment Packages have sold for $97, with some special promotion prices and some upsells. Net revenues are 100% of revenues on digital products.

The Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package and the Plant-Powered & Thriving course are both 100% digital.

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