Email Swipes

Note to Affiliates and Super Affiliates:

We love you and want to support you in every possible way!

We’re providing you with 3 emails for possible swipe copy – see each email description for the time window in which to send.

When should you promote?

The main promotional period for Plant-Powered and Thriving Expert Series is from October 29–November 4 (with the Power Hour events taking place on 10/31, 11/2, 11/5).

The Plant-Powered and Thriving course starts on November 7th and runs for six weeks.

Sending follow-up emails to unopens

We recommend following up on each message you send 1-2 days later with a follow-up message to the people who haven’t opened it – it’s best to use a new subject and a new opening paragraph. For us, this method increases total results by approximately 50%.

Write from the heart to get the best results

We encourage you to write what’s in your heart, and to promote in a language that fits you and your audience. We’re providing this suggested swipe copy to give you IDEAS, and of course, you’re welcome to use any of it directly if you want to. But you’ll get the best results with messages in your voice that fit in with your normal style.

A few split-test-proven tips for better email results

According to the latest data on email delivery, messages with no more than three hyperlinks are more likely to reach inboxes and Gmail primary folders. That is why the swipe copy we’re providing generally includes three slots for hyperlinks.

Also, our recent testing found that subjects with capital first letter and lower case for all the other words get slightly better results than “Title Case”, so that’s what you’ll see reflected. We also find it best not to include spam-filter triggering words like “FREE” in the subject or tied to hyperlinks, and that is also reflected in the suggested messages.

How to use the copy we provide

Some of these messages may be longer than you wish to send, but we wanted to give you lots of options, so you can see what is most useful.

Every time you see “[First Name]” we are suggesting you include the recipient’s first name. If you don’t have their name, we suggest substituting the word “Friend” or editing it out. Also note that, based on our research, use of [First Name] in the subject, when used judiciously, leads to about a 5-10% bump in open and click rate. That’s something you may want to use only a time or two, as represented in the copy we’re providing.

We offer several suggested subjects – hopefully you’ll see something you like or come up with your own!

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to support you in having a fantastic experience promoting the Plant-Powered and Thriving Expert Series and the Plant-Powered and Thriving course! If you have any questions, email our affiliate team:

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